• Community Service at Caledonia-Mumford Central School

    Volunteering at Monument Park
    Students working in Caledonia's Monument Park

    Volunteering and serving our community plays a large role among our students, faculty and staff. We take part in numerous community service opportunities throughout the school year and over the summer. We have several school events that help us reach out and connect with our community.
    If you are in need of volunteer assistance, please contact us ssantora@cal-mum.org. 

    You'll find us...

    • Volunteering at athletic events
    • Volunteering at musical events
    • Volunteering at school open house
    • Volunteering at the fall festival, PARP festival and STEAM Camp
    • Volunteering at the Caledonia Recreation Penny Carnival
    • Volunteering at Caledonia Hometown Holidays
    • Volunteering at Cal-Mum Council of Churches Rubber Duck Derby
    • Volunteering at Food Link
    • Volunteering at Big Springs Museum
    • Volunteering throughout the community for the United Way Day of Caring
    • Ringing the Bell for Salvation Army
    • CMTA staff highway clean up days
    • Helping our neighbors 
    • Hosting our community senior citizens at Seniors for Seniors

    And so much more! 


Last Modified on August 29, 2019