Ms. Merrie Lee McLaughlin

Phone: 585 538-3428


Degrees and Certifications:

MS, CAS Certified School Psychologist

Ms. Merrie Lee McLaughlin

Welcome to Caledonia-Mumford!

I am a veteran Psychologist, of over thirty years, in the Caledonia-Mumford Central School District. I believe that a socially adept person who can recognize and appreciate their unique gifts and competencies, work through and improve areas of weakness, and cope with daily stressors has the key to success. Grades, tests, projects, homework, scores, and report cards are the outward manifestations.  The ability to persist despite obstacles, to look at challenges with a positive attitude, to reach out and support others and accept support in return, and to develop core values (honesty, compassion, perseverance, acceptance, tolerance, kindness, gratitude, kindness, e.g.) is the foundation for achievement.  People need to know that they are being heard, understood, and validated.  I try and reflect respect and compassion in my interactions with colleagues, parents, staff, administration, and students.  I know that diplomacy, tact, and the ability for empathy go a long way in establishing and maintaining effective relationships.  I also understand the confidential and sensitive nature of much of what we do.  Trust is essential in relationships – no matter at what level.  It is this trust and the ability to follow-through that is crucial in each and every interaction.

Here at Caledonia-Mumford we pride ourselves in taking care of one another. All the skills, values, and competencies we try to teach the children are the same things we try to emulate consistently: compassion, empathy, respect, understanding, and acceptance.  We come from different places, different experiences, and different viewpoints but we all have the same goal: shape children that are happy, socially confident, academically competent, and open to new ideas and possibilities.  Our children deserve our best everyday.  I feel honored to be a part of one of the noblest of professions; one that can positively influence a child for the rest of their life.




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