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Mrs. Geary

Welcome to Eighth Grade Math!


Typical Daily Routine:

Each day there is an Agenda and Learning Target on the board for class.  A typical class has the following agenda:

POTD: As students enter the room there is a Problem of the Day on the board for them to solve.  Students show work and solutions in their Problem of the Day packets. 

Homework: During this time we review the previous day’s homework and answer any questions about the previous day’s lesson.  The current HW will be updated on the homework tab.  Our class is also using the remind app for homework updates.  

Lesson: During this time, students learn the daily lesson.  This may involve group or partner work, whiteboards, and discussions.  The objective for the lesson is on the board throughout the day.

Closing: Students often complete an “exit ticket”.  These are used to identify if a student achieved the goal of the lesson.

Homework is assigned at the end of class.  Homework is written on the board and online everyday.  Homework should take about 15 minutes to complete. PLEASE CLICK ON THE HOMEWORK TAB FOR THE DAILY ASSIGNMENT AND UPCOMING TESTS

Every Friday we usually have a quick review, quiz, and work on  i-ready lessons.



Student’s grades can be found online at School Tool.  


Please email if you have any concerns.