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Mrs. Kathleen V Callanan

Welcome to Cal-Mum High School Science.

The currrent courses I am teaching are the following:

Regents Chemistry -  The curriculum can be found on the New York Education Department website at this link

CHEMISTRY – Regents Grade Recommended: 11-12 (1 credit) Regents Chemistry is a rigorous mathematical course on the fundamentals of chemistry. Students should have completed Integrated Algebra. Topics covered include matter and energy, atomic structure, chemical bonding, the periodic table, stoichiometry, kinetics and equilibrium, acids and bases, redox reactions and electrochemistry, organic chemistry. The objective of this course is to give students a broad based introduction to chemistry which can be applied to further study in science and can help students understand chemistry in the world around them. Laboratory assignments will coincide with lecture material. All Students must successfully complete 1200 minutes of labs in order to take the Regents exam. Students must be motivated and responsible for completing both class and lab work. Chemistry is a challenging course. Some college programs require a 75 on the final exam for acceptance into the program. (Ex. Vet tech at Alfred)

Environmental Science is a non-Regents course.  ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE Grade Recommended: 11-12 (1 credit) This course is designed for in-depth study of environmental concepts. Students examine the impact of humans on the air, water, soil, and life on the planet. Topics include ecosystems, pollution, land management, and biodiversity as they relate to local and/or global concerns. PREREQUISITE: Passing Earth Science class and passing Regents Biology class. Students will complete several labs for each unit. 

TASC is the GED test now used by New York State.


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