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    Events, Activities & Opportunities 

    The Caledonia-Mumford CSD shares flyers/events and opportunities to provide information regarding
    community activities. The district will no longer send home printed copies of flyers for community events
    in our students’ backpacks. We are happy to provide paper copies upon request to anyone with limited
    or no internet access. Please call 585-538-3449.

    Rather, the District has created a webpage called Events, Activities & Opportunities where we will post
    community and school events, at your request. Your event must first be approved by the
    Superintendent of Schools.

    You may submit your event to us for the webpage by emailing svoos@cal-mum.org.
    You may include your flyer as an email attachment. Your email should include:
    ⮚ Your name
    ⮚ A Phone number where we can reach you
    ⮚ Name of your event or activity
    ⮚ Date range that you want your event posted to our website

    OR, you may complete this Google form with the event information. A Google login is required if you are
    uploading your flyer to the Google form.

    Please note that Cal-Mum CSD will not share flyers with copyrighted images.

    Your event information will be considered if it is received more than five business days in advance of
    the event and involve:
    ⮚ School district information
    ⮚ Student activities
    ⮚ Cal-Mum Elementary PTO information
    ⮚ Community events
    ⮚ Town/village sponsored events
    ⮚ Non-profit youth activities, etc.

    The district shares this information as a community service, not an endorsement.
    Submission requests will be acknowledged via email. The district will not be held accountable for
    incorrect information on a submitted flyer and it reserves the right to not share or to retract any flyer that
    was posted.

    If you have questions, please call the Community Education office at (585) 538-3449
    or email svoos@cal-mum.org or adedie@cal-mum.org


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Last Modified on September 12, 2023