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    School buses are equipped with audio and/or video surveillance for student safety


    All elementary students are transported by school bus.  All students in grades 6 - 12 living over one and one-half miles from school are transported. For the approximate time of passing a particular home or bus stop, the bus garage must be consulted at 538-3412. Students will not be permitted to leave the bus at locations other than the location designated unless written permission has been received by the school. If your child needs to have a bus change, for childcare purposes only, a new Transportation Request Form must be submitted. No verbal communication will be accepted. It must be in writing and allow two days to process.  


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    Ronald Otto

    Transportation Director
    Ronald Otto
    Phone:  (585) 538 - 3412


    Reece Lambert

    Reece Lambert - Bus Mechanic


    Marion McCombs

    Marion McCombs - Dispatcher