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Cal-Mum Chronicle
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The Caledonia-Mumford School District publishes two print newsletters per school year, called the Cal-Mum Chronicle. The May budget issue and the June commemorative issue, which is dedicated to the high school graduates, are mailed to every home in the Cal-Mum School District. Families of our students will also receive the Cal-Mum Chronicle in their email via our Mass Notification system.

We will place copies of our print newsletters in the Caledonia and Mumford Libraries and the Mumford Post Office. You may also pick up additional copies of the print newsletters at the District Office.

The Caledonia-Mumford Central School District also produces several digital newsletters that are delivered to families of our students via email and will be posted to the school website,, and to our social medias - Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You may request a print version of our digital newsletter by calling 585-538-6811.

We invite you to stay connected to Cal-Mum Central School by reading our newsletter publications.

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