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Sora - A Digital Library Platform

Welcome to Sora!

Sora app graphic

Sora is a Regional Digital Library for schools that we purchase through the Genesee Valley School Library System. Do you have the Kindle app from Amazon? Sora is much like Kindle, but as a Cal-Mum family, Sora is made available with no additional cost to students.

Sora is designed specifically for students. That means the material in the application was selected by school librarians with guardrails to keep readers on track. To promote reading, the app awards badges. Most importantly, the app was designed for schools so it does work with limitations based on the age of the student using the app. Sora has access levels: Elementary (Pre-K-5), Middle (6-8), and High (9-12). Based on the grade band, students have access to library books that are developmentally relevant. Each book in Sora is assigned an access level. To ensure your child is picking books that align to your family's philosophy on independent reading, families can contact their school librarian and request changes.

See the two attachments below from the Genesee Valley School Library System. These attachments have links to more materials meant to help you make informed decisions. Should you have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to your child's principal. Happy Reading!

Sora Guides and Resources