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Hamilton Stadium Closes for Renovation

Hamilton Sports Stadium Closes for Renovations


It was a cool fall evening, Friday, September 22, 2006 when then Superintendent David Dinolfo welcomed a crowd of about 3,000 spectators to the new Hamilton Field Student-Athlete Sports Complex. It was the grand opening of the newly renovated all season turf field and much improved track and field facility.

Thirteen years later and it’s time for Hamilton Field to receive a much needed renovation. As of Monday, May 6, 2019, Hamilton Field Student-Athlete Sports Complex is closed to students and the community until the project is complete.

It was a grand night! A true Red Raider celebration between the school and Cal-Mum community. The “voice of the Red Raiders,” the late Robert “Pully” “Bear” Pullyblank of course announced from the press box overlooking his beloved Hamilton Field.

Cal-Mum’s own Kevin Donaghue managed the entire 2005-06 Capital Project for Christa Construction, including the creation of Hamilton Field Sports Complex. Donaghue will manage the 2019 project as well for his company, now named Campus Construction. Here is an excerpt from the 2006 Cal-Mum Chronicle.

“Donaghue was called on to the field.  A Red Raider of the gridiron himself and a member of the Red Raider Football Hall of Fame, Donaghue was recognized for his accomplishments on the field, his contribution to the 1995 State Championship winning team and the pride he took in bringing the Hamilton Field Sports Complex to completion.”     

What made history about the 2006 Hamilton Field Sports Complex, was that this all season turf field was not only lined for Red Raider football, but also for Red Raider soccer!

Over the past 13 years, there have been hundreds of athletic events held on the field. A lot of blood, sweat and tears have been shed on it. Teams have sealed their place in Section V history on that field and in 2011, many track and field athletes earned New York State titles there as Cal-Mum hosted the state track and field championship, with a recording breaking 8,000 people at the stadium that very hot weekend in June. And a solemn memorial ceremony was held at Hamilton Stadium by county, state and local law enforcement, marking the lives lost in the tragic terror attack of 2011.

The current 2019 Capital Project includes replacing the worn field turf with a newer version of all season synthetic turf that includes a shock pad underneath. The 8-lane rubberized track will be resurfaced as well as other improvements to the high jump and pole vault stations. Soccer safety nets will also be installed. Here is an excerpt from Superintendent Robert Molisani’s letter to the community outlining the scope of the Capital Project:

“One main scope is partial roof replacements at the elementary and middle/high school, covering about 17,500 square feet in total. With the roof being at the end of its useful life, this is an item that requires immediate attention. Also outlined in the project is renovations to the Middle/High School Auditorium and Elementary School Gymnasium. The middle/high school auditorium will see upgrades to the sound, lighting and rigging system and the gymnasium will receive bleacher replacements, and repainting and refinishing of the gym floor. Other project highlights included are significant improvements to the athletic complex. These will include installation of soccer safety netting, pole vault concrete pads, the replacement of windows in the press box, and a replacement of the track surface and turf fabric with a new shock pad. The latter items having immense advancement in technology since our first installation, we are expecting greater results and longer shelf life. The shock pad will greatly improve our drainage ultimately creating extended use of our complex without the hindrance of weather elements.”

We are also very excited for the improvements coming to our parking areas, the elementary school gymnasium and, next spring when you attend the 2020 musical, you’ll enjoy the improvements to our middle/high school auditorium.

To the athletes from the Raider Nation and all around NYS we say thanks for the 13 years of memories!  We look forward to reopening the new and improved Hamilton Field Student-Athlete Sports Complex soon where many more memories will be made.

Thank you to our supportive community!


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