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Regents Exam Exemption for HS Students

Regents Exam Exemptions for High School Students

Regents Exam Exemption for HS Students

From High School Principal Dr. Rebekah Chenaille Regarding Regents Exam Exemption

The most important takeaway from the Regents Exam cancellation and Exemption Memo is to finish strong! In order to qualify for the exemption. students must earn credit in the course associated with the exam. Here at Cal-Mum, that means our students should be participating in the LIVE instruction for each course, completing the assigned work, and studying for upcoming assessments.

Here at Caledonia-Mumford our semester schedule aligns us more closely to the way colleges are responding to COVID-19. Our structure will support every young person as they complete the courses they are enrolled in and earn graduation credits. Dr. Chenaille emailed a video tutorial to all students and parents explaining the Regents Exemption.

If you have questions about the exemption, Dr. Chenaille is more than happy to discuss the state guidelines. Also, see the charts below.

Specific questions about individual students should be emailed to Ms. Curran in the guidance office: 


NYS Regents Examination Update for Download

NYS Regents Exam Update

 NYSED Guidelines/Modifications to Graduation Requirements April 2020

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